Options & Futures

Nasdaq Futures, Inc.

Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) is a Designated Contract Market regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. NFX is one of Nasdaq’s four U.S. derivative exchanges, which taken together with Nasdaq NORDIC, one of the largest derivatives exchanges in Europe, represent a global options and futures offering.

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Nasdaq BX Options

Nasdaq BX Options (BX Options) offers competitive pricing, speed, and easy connectivity. Geared toward retail order flow, BX Options is inexpensive and easy to access using existing Nasdaq connectivity. Utilizing ultra-low latency technology, BX Options offers price/time and pro-rata market models.

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Nasdaq NOM

The NASDAQ Options Market (NOM) is an all-electronic, price/time priority trading system running on Nasdaq's high-speed INET technology. The NOM trading system maximizes liquidity, encourages price competition and rapidly executes orders of all sizes.

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Nasdaq PHLX

Nasdaq PHLX (PHLX) is a hybrid electronic and floor-based trading platform. Utilizing a traditional specialist/pro-rata allocation model ensures rapid execution on orders of all sizes and complexities.

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European Options & Futures

The Nasdaq Nordic options and futures exchange is one of the largest derivatives exchanges in Europe. We have conducted trading in options and futures since 1985, and were the first in the world to start an electronic options market with integrated clearing. Since its inception, Nasdaq has gone from strength to strength and today offers a fully integrated Nordic derivatives exchange, trading in Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian options and futures.

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