Private Shares

NASDAQ Private MarketFor over 40 years, Nasdaq has been committed to serving the needs of companies for their entire life cycle – whether emerging growth companies or mature corporations.

Nasdaq Private Market, with associated services from affiliates and partners, helps private companies address their liquidity needs and identify and manage relationships with long-term institutional investors. Through Nasdaq Private Market, companies can access tools and resources to effectively manage their entire equity program.

Securities related services on the platform are provided by NPM Securities, LLC, Member, FINRA /SIPC. Securities offered on Nasdaq Private Market are not listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market.

Qualifying Member Companies can initiate relationships with selected investors from participating institutions. Companies seeking membership must meet initial and ongoing membership requirements.

Representation on the Nasdaq Private Market platform can help a company set the stage for a potential IPO or sale, or help raise capital and provide liquidity to its shareholders as a private company. Using a dedicated virtual data room, companies can efficiently and securely communicate their story to a targeted audience. Certain Member Broker-Dealers are also available to provide financial advice and investment banking services to help companies raise capital.


Structured Liquidity Programs
Structured liquidity programs on Nasdaq Private Market help efficiently address stakeholder liquidity needs while increasing a company’s control over the cap table. Companies determine who can buy and sell shares, how many shares can be sold, if any, the timing of transactions, and information sharing and disclosure. Tools to assist with accreditation and other compliance matters are incorporated into the platform.


Private Placements
Nasdaq Private Market provides connections to long-term institutional investors and advisors who can help companies raise primary capital.  Private Company Portals enable companies to engage only those investors who match their desired profile. Integrated technology tools such as electronic non-disclosure agreements and data rooms help make the financing process more efficient.

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