NASDAQ Volatility Guard Superior Protection for Investors and Issuers


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No market can guard you from uncertainty.

But now, one can guard you from volatility

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Nothing is of greater importance to NASDAQ OMX than the confidence of investors and issuers. That’s why we’re moving to protect both with a unique approach to the trading pause providing a degree of security that far exceeds that of NYSE’s Liquid Replenishment Point (LRP).

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Unprecedented Transparency

NASDAQ Volatility Guard allows you a clear look inside the process. The data around the halt and reopen is universally available before, during and after the trading pause. NASDAQ Volatility Guard will prevent anomalous trades while supporting market makers who bring liquidity to the investor community and our listed companies.

Fair and Simple

NASDAQ Volatility Guard is fair, simple, and objective, based on four different publicly disclosed trigger points.

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Board -based

NASDAQ Volatility Guard will cover all securities listed on The NASDAQ Stock Market.

Superior Price Discovery

NASDAQ Volatility Guard has an easy and inclusive reopening process allowing all market participants to reenter the market within a pre-set timeframe, allowing more natural price discovery.